An out of body experience can often be a life-changing event, which reassures us of the eternal nature of our being. To directly experience your true self, as pure consciousness, can be deeply empowering and life-affirming.

Using a combination of meditation techniques and physical yoga practice, Emma Toynbee and Jane Collings have brought together their individual expertise in this exciting tailor made 4 hr OBE workshop. The workshop is specifically designed to assist you in achieving the heightened energetic state, most conducive to producing fully conscious out-of-body experiences.

Jane on the mind mechanics:

In my experience, our ability to separate our awareness from our physical body to our energy body is greatly helped by the amount of time spent with our awareness in the energy body. Sitting or meditating with our focus on our chakras is key. I think of it as building etheric muscles!

I believe that the two most useful tools for achieving the lucid dream state, or a sustained out of body experience, are regular energy work, and a suitable exit technique (used at the correct time).

Accompanied by discussions on the theory of the subject, during this workshop you will be shown a number of effective breathing and meditation techniques that are specifically designed to awaken and expand the chakras, which are seemingly most involved in the process of astral projection. You’ll be carefully talked through a simple exit technique to use at night/in the morning, and we will be discussing various ways to enhance the experience for when you do find yourself out of body.

Emma on body mechanics:

Activate, cleanse, and liberate your energy body, with the intention of experiencing a fuller spectrum of multidimensional consciousness. This new yoga system is designed to excavate and empower the unconscious mind, to connect with the subtle realities. It is beneficial for those seeking to induce lucid dreams and the out-of-body experience, and awaken your psychic and mediumistic potential. It makes a contemporary fusion of the graceful, elegant, and versatile nature of Vinyasa Flow, with the meditative and repetitive quality of traditional Kundalini.

The system focuses on the energetic enhancement of the major energy centers within the physical body called the Chakras, and the smaller network of channels connecting the Chakras points called the Meridian lines or Nadies. Left dormant the Chakras act as energetic anchors points keeping the energy body firmly in place. Out-Of-Body Yoga charges and transforms the energy stored within the chakras, to encourage an energetic loosening, and ultimate untethering, of the energy body from its physical docking station.

The practice actively raises and sustains a higher and more refined vibrational frequency within the energy body. Via this we can detach from the physical -and transition to the ethereal- with increased ease and mobility. As a form of ‘moving meditation’ the practice also aids the emotional discharge of any psychological blocks or anxieties, holding you back from experiencing a higher state of consciousness.

The workshop will include pranayama -yogic breath work to calm and still the mind, 1.5 hrs of Out-Of-Body Yoga practice, including a Savasana meditation. The yoga practice is dynamic and relatively fast paced, so having previous yoga experience and an average/good level of physical strength and fitness is advised. All yoga equipment, lockers, showers, herbal tea and biscuits are provided. Please bring You may want to bring a blanket and a cushion, for extra comfort during the extended Savasana meditation.

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