Ahoy there shipmates…

You are enthusiastically invited to join me and the rest of the psychic fusion crew for our maiden voyage on the ethereal high seas.

Up in the crows nest we will be making a watery fusion of the classic game of I Spy With My Little Eye with Remote Viewing inspired psychic development techniques. As the captain chooses the destination we are heading- unlimited to anywhere in time and space rather than the usual confines of the room – the ‘look outs’ will use their 3rd eye clairvoyance to determine where the captain is headed.

If you are after a really fun, interactive, and instructive night out- combining psychic orientation with organic drinks/snacks, and mutiny below the decks … THIS IS IT. For those of you that are supernaturally sea worthy, or into sailing the minds uncharted territories then hop, skip, or jump aboard.

This is a compulsory fusion fancy dress event – and the theme is naughtily nautical. Bonus points will be awarded for performance based party pieces, which may include character speeches, quotations, movement and gesture, dance, etc. A prize will be awarded for the shipmate who descends to the lowest depths. The most ascendedly dressed shipmate will have to do my yoga version of walking the plank, which is to remain in the Plank posture for a number of minutes, which will be determined by the roll of a dice.