Out-Of-Body Yoga creates a doorway through which can consciously enter a dimension of yourself, and reality, not often reached naturally. Out-Of-Body Experience is a totally natural process, whereby our energy body, and consciousness awareness, separates from the physical body in order to explore the multidimensional universe. Using only natural, organic, sustainable, and empowering methods to induce the out-of-body projection, you can create a lasting sense of self-confidence and independence in your OBE practice. OBE inducing crutches, such as soundtracks etc, whilst being useful in the initial stages of your consciousness development, can instill a sense of dependency in the long term. The aim is for YOU to own your experiences, through implementing your own strength of will and determination to induce the out-of-body state organically, as opposed to the ultimately dis-empowering effect of a dependency on artificial means.

The Energy Body is an exact energetic duplicate overlaying our physical bodies. This energetic element of the human form is detachable, giving every human being the innate ability to travel interdimensionally. This Energy Body Yoga System makes a uniquely integrated combination of Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga, with newly evolved and developed OBE techniques. It is designed to increase your chance of having a fully conscious and naturally induced Out-Of-Body Experience (Astral Projection), as well as experiencing the phenomena of partial projections such as numbness, floating, vibrations, and palpitations,.

The Energy Body Yoga system is based on Asana (posture) sequencing for energetic enhancement, to relax, loosen, and ultimately release the hold of the physical body over the energetic body. Left dormant the energy centres within our physical body, most commonly known as the chakras, act as energetic anchors points keeping the energy body attached to its physical frame. The Energy Body Yoga system works by generating, stimulating, and transforming the energy stored within the chakras. This, in turn, charges, uplifts, and untethers the energy body from its physical docking station.

The system is also designed to help emotionally discharge the mind, by resolving any psychological blocks or anxieties relating to the out of body state. Energy Body Yoga is a discipline, and therefore helps cultivate the disciplined frame of mind essential to inducing and sustaining an out of body experience. Accomplished yogis are known to not only astral project, but also to develop telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, the ability to instantly heal others.


• 3hrs Of Energy Body Yoga Practice A Day, Plus Instruction In Various Yogic Breathwork Techniques, & Energy Distribution And Management
• OBE Practice Sessions, Group Discussio, Experience Sharing, & Related Consciousness Development Theory
• OBE Discussion Based Talks Led By Jane Collings, With Tips, Techniques, & Guided Meditation For Improving Your OBE Attempts
• Psychic, Mediumship, & Remote Viewing Exercises: Group & Individual Readings Led By Emma Toynbee, For Guidance, Troubleshooting, & Further Advancements With Your Out Of Body Experiences
• Intuitive Development Games E.G. Psychic Cluedo With The Ascended Masters
• Guided Meditations
• Magical Bonfire Night With Manifestation Ritual, & Ayurvedic Hot Spiced Cider!
• Time Out To Explore The Islands 4 Miles Of Beach, Secret Gardens, & 350 Acres Of Secluded Natural Landscape And Wildlife
• Organic, Wholesome, Healthy, Vegetarian, Homecooked, Mediterranean & Ayuvedic-Inspired Meals
• 3 Nights Stay In The Islands Lovely Rosetti House And Garden House, Linen, Bath Towels, And Soap Provided
• Fully Equipped State Of The Art Gym, Tennis Courts, Sauna, Steam Room, & Heated Outdoor Pool – For Those Game In November!!
• Peace, Harmony, Happiness, Learning, Fun, And Friendship
• Situated In The Thames Estuary In Essex, Only 1.5 Hr Travel Time From Central London


O’sea is a tidal Island and is accessible via a mile long road for a 4 hour period every 12 hours. Outside of these times access is via boat (river taxi which takes 8 minutes and costs £40 each way). Our retreat times are dependent on the low tide times, which allow access by car; if you arrive by train, we will organize shared taxis to the Island. Low tides times on 9th Nov are 11:43-15:43pm, and 14:44-18:44pm on our departure date the 12th Nov. The retreat will officially begin at 4pm on the 9th, Nov, although you are welcome to arrive earlier to explore the island, and finish at 3pm on the 12th Nov. Vehicles are left at the car park with guests walking or cycling around the Island.

DIRECTIONS BY TRAIN: Depart Liverpool Street station to Witham Station, less than a 50 minutes journey. Taxi rank outside, approximately 15 minutes to Osea Island, they know the way :-) Please contact us before booking your tickets, in order for us to to facilitate a taxi pool with other guests.

DIRECTIONS BY CAR: Please use the following link to provide exact directions, by changing the ‘A’ Departure address from London to your chose departure area.


***Please note that these directions lead you to the tidal causeway, the road that you will use by car or taxi when the tide is low. When close, look for signs for O’sea Leisure Park or O’sea Island. When using Google maps or a satellite navigation device use the postcode CM9 4SA. If you just search for ‘Osea Island’ – you end up off the Island’s east coast, which has no causeway.***

WHO MAY ATTEND? Anyone without any serious injuries or health concerns, which would prevent them from doing a dynamic yoga practice, may attend. These events are designed with the beginner-intermediate yoga student in mind, although some previous yoga experience will prove useful for beginners. For the more experienced yoga students there will be the option to advance towards fuller and deeper expressions of the more challenging postures e.g. arm balances and inversions.