Psychic readings with predictive and elective astrology are for those wishing to gain clarity and guidance on past, present, and future events. In these readings I use astrology to provide you with specific dates and time frames, to accompany the information I recieve psychically and clairvoyantly. Elective astrology is a form of predictive astrology, whereby I can pinpoint the best and most auspicious dates/times in a persons life for a particular events to occur. Examples of elective astrology dates are; marriage ceremonies, conception and pregnancy, launching a new business or project, hosting any type of event, job interviews, business meetings, etc. In a psychic reading combined with astrology I can answer any type of question; usually covered in the three usual strands of inquiry below:

Psychic & Astrological Forecasting: (giving a specified time frame) Personal and family life i.e. love and relationships, child birth, money and finances, work and career, etc.
Psychic & Astrological Evaluation: Stocks, shares, investments, property, marketing strategies, etc.
Psychic & Astrological Location: Missing people, animals, and objects, i.e. money, passports, art, artefacts, oil, mineral deposits, etc.


£50 for 40 mins: Psychic Reading with Tarot (Phone and Skype only).

£80 for 1 hour (Central London/Phone/Skype): Psychic Reading with Tarot, and Predictive/Elective Astrology.

£120 for 1.5 hours(Central London/Phone/Skype): Psychic Reading with Tarot, with Predictive and Elective Astrology and Indepth Birth Chart Analysis.

My 1-1 psychic and astrology readings are done in person from both the Still Point Center in Central London, 2 minutes from Liverpool Street Station. Alternatively, I also do readings via telephone or Skype if you live abroad, or out of reach of my London locations. For directions to the Central London Still Point Centre, please see the link below:


To book an appointment which includes astrological information, you will need to provide the following: your date of birth, your time of birth (or as close to the time as possible), and place of birth. If a birth time isn’t known, I can still give you a reading just using psychic insight with the tarot. If you don’t know your birth time, but still wish to use astrology, it will be neccessary to spend the initial part of the session part rectifying your birth chart. Chart retification means determining a birth timewhen it isn’t known, it can take some time but is quicker when the client has a rough idea i.e. between 1-3pm, etc. If you need your chart retifying you will need to book a 1.5 hr session.

For inquiries regarding availability and booking please email: emma.toynbee@gmail.com


For information and rates on group, corporate, and special events bookings, email: emma.toynbee@gmail.com.


When I interpret the unique astrological ‘blueprint’ of a client I make a combination of technical analysis, based upon the influence of the planets on a persons individual chart, with an overlay of psychic information gained through the extrasensory perceptions i.e. clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling). This fusion allows me to provide a more detailed life purpose analysis and give specific future projections, pinpointing exact dates and time periods. The placement of each planet within a zodiac sign and house gives an indication of the unique pattern or fabric of energies that drive and prompt an individual persons life choices and decisions, which creatively form to their unique and individual existence. The birth chart delineates your personal orientations, providing an awareness of the framework within which you manifest your particular set of life circumstances. Readings can be tailored to a clients individual needs and requirements, whether they are looking to implement a major life change,or just make transformative-tweaks here and there.


Astrological advice for companies and businesses. Pinpointing specific dates for new business or product launches, property, stock, or financial investments, etc. Research and develop your business, and new products, using precise astrological insight and timing.


Astrological consultations for couples, family members, friends, business partners, etc, looking at the dynamics of their relationship to each other, to highlight the strengths and weakness, in order to bring about a resolution of problems and an acceptance of each others differences.


To help parents understand the unique astrological blueprint of their child. This reading gives a valuable insight into what our children will be like, so you can know how best to support them in building their future lives.


Remote viewing is the psychic discipline I use and it can be applied to any situation, event, person, place, object, or concept. During your consultation the remote viewer usually focuses on a specific question/s, which require a high level of detail in the answer. We can also accurately answer yes/no questions via a technique called associative remote viewing. The distance between the client and remote viewer, or the object they are viewing, does not compromise the accuracy or integrity of the work. The information received in a consultation is hand recorded, and if I am working from a distance typed up into a summary format that can be sent via email.

The rates for remote viewings vary depending on the number of questions involved. For a quotation please get in touch, sending an email stating your general areas of interest, or more specific questions.

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