“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”

- C.G.Jung


I do my 1-1 readings in person from the Still Point Center in Liverpool Street, London, or alternatively via telephone or Skype. For directions to Still Point, please see the link below:



£70 for 1 hour

Private clairvoyant psychic readings are for those wishing to gain clarity and guidance on past, present, and on coming future events.In these readings I may also use other tools, such as tarot and astrology to provide you with specific dates and time frames. I usually like to give general readings without any information from the sitter, but can also focus on specific questions if required. I can cover a variety of subject areas in a reading, listed in the four strands of inquiry detailed below:

Forecasting: (within a specified time frame) Personal and family life i.e. love and relationships, money and finances, work and career, political conditions, technological, economic, social trends and developments, environmental activity, weather conditions, stock market investments and commodities, sales opportunities, etc.

Diagnosis: Health and medical problems, mechanical problems, safety hazards, sources of human error, environmental hazards, etc.

Evaluation: Design and construction alternatives, investment choices, marketing strategies, technological alternatives, etc.

Location: Missing people, animals, objects, art, artefacts, oil, mineral deposits, archaeology, etc.


For information and rates on hiring me for group bookings or special events, please get in touch on 07809 762531, or email emma.toynbee@gmail.com.


Psychometry adds an extra dimension of fun to a psychic reading whereby I can see into a persons past, present, and future by holding a personal object or item, which is frequently worn or used like a piece of jewellery, a watch, a phone, or keys, etc. Psychic tarot card reading is also good fun for larger-scale public events, group bookings, or special occasions.


Remote viewing is the psychic discipline I use and it can be applied to any situation, event, person, place, object, or concept. During your consultation the remote viewer usually focuses on a specific question/s, which require a high level of detail in the answer. We can also accurately answer yes/no questions via a technique called associative remote viewing. The distance between the client and remote viewer, or the object they are viewing, does not compromise the accuracy or integrity of the work. The information received in a consultation is hand recorded, and if I am working from a distance typed up into a summary format that can be sent via email.

The rates for remote viewings vary depending on the number of questions involved. For a quotation please get in touch, sending an email stating your general areas of interest, or more specific questions.

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