Psychic readings with predictive and elective astrology are used to read the unique astrological ‘blueprint’ of a client by making a combination of technical analysis, based upon the influence of the planets on a persons individual chart, with an overlay of reading psychic information gained through extrasensory perceptions i.e. clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling). The fusion of psychic reading with astrology allows her to provide a more detailed life purpose analysis and give specific future projections, pinpointing exact dates and time periods.

The placement of each planet within a zodiac sign and house gives an indication of the unique pattern, or fabric of energies, that drive and prompt an individuals’ life choices and decisions; creatively forming their unique and individual existence. The birth chart delineates your personal orientations, providing an awareness of the framework within which you manifest your particular set of life circumstances.
Emma can answer any type of question from analysing a birth chart. See the strands of inquiry below for examples:

Forecasting: (giving a specified time frame) Love/personal and family life, children, pregnancy/child birth, money and finances, work and career.
Relationship Compatibility: Analysing the charts of couples or business partners to highlight strengths and potential pitfalls.
Evaluation: Stocks, shares, investments, property buying and selling, new revenue streams, niches in markets, futurology.
Location: Missing pets, objects, i.e. wedding rings, passports.
Electives: pinpointing the best and most auspicious dates/times for a particular event to occur i.e. special events/marriages, conception/pregnancy/birth, launching a new business or creative project.


£50 for 30 mins: Psychic Reading with Tarot (Phone and Skype only).

£90 for 1 hour (Central London/Phone/Skype): Psychic Reading with Tarot, and Predictive/Elective Astrology (looking at your transits for the coming year).

£130 for 1.5 hours(Central London/Phone/Skype): Psychic Reading with Tarot, with Predictive and Elective Astrology (looking at yours transits for the coming year) and Indepth Birth Chart Analysis.

Psychic readings with predictive astrology can be tailored to a clients individual needs and requirements, whether they are looking to implement major life changes or just wanting a more general reading. To book an appointment you will need to provide the following: your date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth (or as close as possible). If a birth time isn’t known at all, a reading can still be given using a technique called chart rectification (to find the birth time). If you need your chart rectifying you will need to book a 1.5 hr session.

My 1-1 psychic readings with predictive astrology are done in person from both the Still Point Center in Central London, 2 minutes from Liverpool Street Station. Alternatively, I also do readings via telephone or Skype if you live abroad, or out of reach of my London locations. For directions to the Central London Still Point Centre, please see the link below:


For inquiries regarding availability and booking please email: emma.toynbee@gmail.com


For information and rates on group, corporate, and special events bookings, email: emma.toynbee@gmail.com.

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